ミストラル終焉 [ 『葡萄酒いろのミストラル』]





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「終焉」は、やばくない? 終演、では?

by ha (2012-05-31 01:46) 

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<br> to see all the catwalk pictures from Alberta Ferretti</p><p><p>Saturday, September 20</p><p>11am Elena Miro&#039;</p><p>12:30pm Clips</p><p>1:15pm Roccobarocco</p><p>2pm Roberta Scarpa</p><p>2:45pm Lorenzo Riva</p><p>3:30pm Miss Bikni Luxe</p><p>4:15pm Argentovivo</p><p>5pm Seduzioni Diamonds Valeria Marini</p><p>6:30pm Luciano Soprani</p><p>Sunday, September 21</p><p>9:45am Enrico Coveri</p><p>10:30am Kristina Ti</p><p>11:15am Fisico</p><p>12pm Gaetano Navarra</p><p>1pm Frankie Morello</p><p>2pm Blugirl</p><p>3pm Just Cavalli</p><p>4pm Emporio Armani Buyer </p><p>5pm Emporio Armani Stampa</p><p>6pm Gianfranco Ferre&#039; Stampa</p><p>7pm Gianfranco Ferre&#039; Buyer</p><p>8pm Moschino Cheap and Chic</p><p>9pm Robert Musso</p><p>Monday, September 22</p><p>9:30am Byblos </p><p>10:15am Ermanno Scervino</p><p>11am C&#039;N&#039;C Costume National</p><p>12pm Giorgio Armani Buyer</p><p>1pm Giorgio Armani Stampa</p><p>2pm Pringle of Scotland</p><p>4pm Missoni Buyer</p><p>5pm Missoni Stampa </p><p>6pm Burberry Prorsum </p><p>6pm Daniela Gregis</p><p>7pm Alberta Ferretti</p><p>8pm Francesco Scognamiglio</p><p>Tuesday, September 23</p><p>9am Moschino </p><p>9:45am Sportmax</p><p>10:30am BluMarine</p><p>11:15am La Perla</p><p>12pm Salvatore Ferragamo</p><p>1pm Etro</p><p>2pm Paola Frani</p><p>3pm Albino</p><p>4pm Krizia</p><p>5pm Alberto Biani</p><p>6pm Prada Buyer</p><p>7pm Prada Stampa</p><p>8pm 6276</p><p>9pm Anteprima</p><p>Wednesday, September 24</p><p>9:30am Valentin Yudashkin</p><p>10:30am Angelo Marani </p><p>11:15am Mariella Burani</p><p>12pm Antonio Marras</p><p>1pm Roberto Cavalli</p><p>2pm Trussardi</p><p>3pm Iceberg</p><p>4pm Pollini</p><p>5pm Gucci Buyer</p><p>6pm Gucci Stampa</p><p>7pm Brioni</p><p>8pm Alessandro Dell&#039;Acqua</p><p>9pm Derercuny</p><p>Thursday, September 25</p><p>9am Dsquared2</p><p>9:45am Max Mara</p><p>10:30am Les Copa&igrave;ns</p><p>11:15am Emilio Pucci</p><p>12pm Luisa Beccaria </p><p>1pm Laura Biagiotti </p><p>3pm John Richmond </p><p>4pm Fendi Stampa</p><p>5pm Fendi Buyer</p><p>5pm Haute</p><p>6pm Maurizio Pecoraro</p><p>6:45pm Gabriele Colangelo</p><p>7:30pm Versace Stanoa</p><p>8:30pm Versace Buyer</p><p>Friday, September 26</p><p>9:30am Pin up Stars</p><p>10:15am Cividini</p><p>11am Agatha Ruiz De La Prada</p><p>11:45am Love Sex Money</p><p>12:30pm Romeo Gigli</p><p>1:15pm Massimo Rebecchi</p><p>2:30pm Mila Schon</p><p>3:30pm Normaluisa<br></p><p>4:30pm Jean Pierre Braganza</p><p>5:15pm Klavers Van Engelen</p><p>6pm Kristian Aadnevik</p><p>6:45pm In Assegnaizone</p><p>Saturday, September 27</p><p>10:30am Malloni</p><p>11:15am Ab Soul</p><p>12pm Kira Plastinina</p><p>1pm Sandrina Fasoli</p><p>1:45pm Steinunn</p><p>2:30pm Milkio Sakabe</p><p>3:15pm Laitinen</p><p>4pm Alviero Martini - 1&#x2DA; Classe</p></p><p>Notice to our readers&hellip;</p><p>We'd like to let you know that this site uses cookies. Without them you may find this site does not work properly and many features may be unavailable. More information on what cookies are and the types of cookies we use can be found </p><p>Women make up at least a quarter of the boardroom in one in five leading British companies &ndash; reaching the government&rsquo;s target three years ahead of the 2015 deadline.<br><br>Only eight all-male boards remain, mainly made up of mining companies. This is a decline from the 21 all-male boardrooms noted by former trade minister Lord Davis in February of last year. <br><br>In recent months almost 45 per cent of all new board-level appointments have gone to women, such as Miranda Curtis at Marks and Spencer and Diana Layfield of temporary power group Aggreko. <br><br>Overall 16.7 per cent of FTSE 100 board seats are held by women, and another 91 seats must go to women in order to reach the 25 per cent target for 2015. <br><br>Elin Hurvenes, founder of The Professional Boards Forum, says: &lsquo;The figures contradict recent reports that chairmen only recruit mirror images of themselves.<br><br>&lsquo;It also puts to rest the argument that board-ready women don&#039;t exist. UK chairmen are doing a good job.&rsquo;<br><br>The drinks company Diageo has the most women in the boardroom, with 44 per cent of directors being female. <br><br>Burberry and Pearson, both led by women, are second and third, with 38 per cent and 33 per cent female representation.<br><br><br></p><p> is staging a fashion show next week to raise money for victims of Britain&#039;s flooding. Enlisting the help of friends , and , the supermodels posed yesterday in Burberry union jack T-shirts, which will be sold for &pound;50 to raise funds.<br>
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<p>As for modern Mary&rsquo;s style: &ldquo;Armani. Simple, clean.&rdquo;</p>Michael Buckner/Getty ImagesJulian Morris <p>Pretty Little Liars actor Julian Morris has landed a pivotal role on ABC&#39;s Once Upon a Time.</p>our editor recommends'Once Upon a Time' Casts Sir Lancelot for Season 2Comic-Con 2012: 'Once Upon a Time' to Introduce Captain Hook in Season 2 (Video)
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<p>Stylist Cher Coulter, George Kotsiopolous and Jessica Paster, designer/stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, fashion pundit Derek Blasberg, ICM agent and former WIF president Iris Grossman, Kelly Lynch and Mitch Glazer, the very stylish Crystal Moffat Lourd and all manner of L.A. movers and shakers also turned up - as everybody loves a visiting fashion house on a summer night!</p>Christopher Polk/Getty Images <p>Michel Lacoste, the head of&nbsp;his father Rene&#39;s namesake fashion company Lacoste, sympathizes with Christian Louboutin&rsquo;s legal fight over an alleged violation of a 2008 U.S. trademark of his red-soled shoes by YSL, which released shoes that also have red soles.</p>our editor recommendsChristian Louboutin Continues to Fight for His Red Soled High Heels Trademark (Poll)Christian Louboutin Loses Lawsuit Against YSLCDG Awards: Torturing Rooney Mara, Jane Lynch's Dominatrix Duds and Clint Eastwood's 'Serape With No Soap'
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